What’s wrapping you?

God, Jesus, Bible, Grave, Life, FreedomDo you know what makes a difference in your life for positive or negative? That is recognizing what’s wrapping around your mind, emotion, sight, and belief. What wrapping your being makes how you do your life. The problem is not everybody has the right wrappings for their lives, and that is creating confusion.

What’s wrapping you?

Jesus came to give you life abundant. God wants you to live life in fullness. But sometimes you are wrapped with the wrong thing or things from the past. And you could be hindered for living a life you need to be. Continue reading “What’s wrapping you?”

The victory is yours!

Victory, God, Jesus, Walk with God, Bible, LifeHave you ever wished if your Christian walk is a bit easier than what you are experiencing? You might wonder why God will allow you to walk through hardship, what you did wrong, or what you could do to fix it. How could the good God let you face the battles in your life when you are walking with faithfully? Even if you are feeling like being defeated and hopeless, here’s the truth you need to remember.

The victory is yours!

Three seasons repeat in your walk with God. It seems like the more you get closer to Him; they get more challenging and more in-depth. If you say you don’t feel those seasons, it’s an excellent opportunity to search your ground with Christ. We share the suffering with Christ, the bible says. Continue reading “The victory is yours!”

God is fighting for you!

Battle, God, Jesus, BibleHave you ever got frustrated and irritated by the feeling that you are fighting for something all alone, and nobody understands? There’s nothing more uncomfortable when you are only one facing something that bigger than you and doesn’t have any support of others. You want someone beside you fighting, and at least gives you the word of encouragement when you are feeling weak.

Unfortunately, sometimes you don’t find that kind of friends or support, and you must fight a battle alone. For Christ’s believers, most of the battles you face are spiritual and not physical. Sometimes, you don’t even know why you are in a battle, but you sure feel a dark spiritual force is attacking you. I want you to know that you are not alone! Continue reading “God is fighting for you!”

Ministry 101 – When the season changes

Ministry, Life, God, Jesus, Bible, FaithDo you have a favorite season? God made every season so beautiful in its own ways. Spring brings you the joy of new life and beautiful colors from nature. Summer brings you fruitful season and time to enjoy the life that God has given you. Fall brings you another stunning season in colors. But you can feel the air is changing and the fruitful season will end soon. And there’s winter. Everything seems dead. Although it’s a cold and quiet season, it’s a beautiful season in its own ways. It’s because God is faithful; you’ll again see the spring beauty. Continue reading “Ministry 101 – When the season changes”

God doesn’t line up ducks in a row

God, Jesus, Bible, Faith, Surrender, Control, Ducks in a rowDo you know what stops you from relying on God and trust Him in all things? That’s your nature of “I want to know and want to be in control.” It’s because when you can understand everything with your mind and be able to control everything in your life, you’ll be stress-free. Everything under your control is such a great feeling if you are a human. You love lining up the ducks in a role. But here’s the news for you.

God doesn’t line up ducks in a row!

What does it mean to have “ducks in a row?” It means: to be well prepared or well organized for something that is going to happen. Continue reading “God doesn’t line up ducks in a row”

What are you missing?

God, Jesus, Bible, Church, Holy Spirit, Life, Eternal lifeYou’ve been going to church ever since you were a little child. You read the bible every day, pray often, and listen to only Christian music. You have so many Christian friends around you. But have you ever wonder why your life isn’t changing?

What are you missing?

You do all those things because you want to see something different in your life. You want to see miracles, transformations, deliverance, and healing. What aren’t you doing enough to see those things in your life? Continue reading “What are you missing?”

How deep is your well?

God, Jesus, Living Water, Bible, Life, MinistryDo you have some areas of your life that you don’t want to talk about it, don’t want anybody to know, and you want to avoid if you could? It could be something from your past. It might be something that you struggle with but can’t tell anybody. It may be something that you don’t want to bring it up so that people won’t look down on you. Many of us have those areas and hope that we don’t ever have to deal with it. You might have learned to hide it very well. You might have decided to avoid and ignore it.

But God sees it.

God wants you to deal with it so that you will live your life in full. God doesn’t want to point out those areas to hurt you or destroy your life. That’s what the enemy does. But He wants you to heal, restore, and be free from all the things that keep you living the life that God intended you to live. How do you feel about God knows every part of your life, even those areas that you won’t talk about it? That was the story of the Samaritan woman. Continue reading “How deep is your well?”

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