Ministry 101 – Don’t lower your standard

Have you ever thought you might feel good if you could say things or act out in the way some people do to react to their frustration? Of course, you have. But you know the Holy Spirit who lives in you won’t permit you to do that. Instead, He gives you and helps you to have self-control. The challenge for you is whether you obey that nudge or go ahead and let your flesh takes over your mind and emotion.

Ministry, God, Jesus, Battle, ArmorEvery Christ-follower is experiencing that struggle right now. It is twice much harder when you are in ministry. We are all human, and you’ll have the moments when you feel like you want to say exactly what’s in your mind and get done with it. But you know you can’t. Continue reading “Ministry 101 – Don’t lower your standard”

Which side are you fighting from?

Battle, Trouble, Struggle, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, BibleHave you wondered why you still have so many battles in your life even though you serve God faithfully? Did you think your life struggle was over when you gave your life to Christ? Did you think your sickness be gone, and your heartaches will mend? Why are you continually have troubles in life? Are these troubles ever end?

Everyone wishes the same. Nobody likes life issues and heartaches. The fact is God never promised that you wouldn’t have any problem. You don’t like uncomfortable, pains, and ongoing struggles. It’s understandable wishful thinking. What the bible says is quite the opposite. Continue reading “Which side are you fighting from?”

God is fighting for you!

Battle, God, Jesus, BibleHave you ever got frustrated and irritated by the feeling that you are fighting for something all alone, and nobody understands? There’s nothing more uncomfortable when you are only one facing something that bigger than you and doesn’t have any support of others. You want someone beside you fighting, and at least gives you the word of encouragement when you are feeling weak.

Unfortunately, sometimes you don’t find that kind of friends or support, and you must fight a battle alone. For Christ’s believers, most of the battles you face are spiritual and not physical. Sometimes, you don’t even know why you are in a battle, but you sure feel a dark spiritual force is attacking you. I want you to know that you are not alone! Continue reading “God is fighting for you!”

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