Time to change the direction!

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Practice makes it perfect?” Well, there might be some truth in it, but it’s not all the way accurate. The truth is the right practice makes it perfect. If the method isn’t the right way, it’ll never lead you to have an ideal result.

Bible, God, Mountain, Moses, Direction, LifeThat’s what Israelites were doing in the wilderness. They wrapped around the same mountains for 40 years! If you were a part of that group, do you feel like that’s more than long enough? The journey that they were on was supposed to take only 11 days. How did that happen? Was there anybody who thought they were doing the same thing and on the same path every day? If you experience the same thing every day, you might want to stop and think. But it went on for 40 years. God spoke through Moses, Continue reading “Time to change the direction!”

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