Are you the one?

God, Jesus, Bible, Ministry, FaithDo you believe there’s only one to take to change the world around you or a culture? Are you the one? Or do you want to be the one? Many people want to be a Superhero or a Wonderwoman. But it doesn’t mean that other people or the world will know your name. Yet, sometimes, it takes only one person to turn around someone else’s life. If you are the one, your name may not have known by others but God. And you are that Superhero!

Timothy’s mother was that Wonderwoman. You don’t know her name. But she changed the culture of her family and still changing ours.

Paul went to the city of Derbe and then to Lystra, where a follower of Jesus named Timothy lived. Timothy’s mother was a Jewish believer, but his father was a Greek.  The believers in the cities of Lystra and Iconium had only good things to say about him. Paul wanted Timothy to travel with him, but all the Jews living in that area knew that his father was a Greek. So Paul circumcised Timothy to please the Jews. – Acts 16:1-3 ERV

Timothy’s mother was a Jewish believer, but his father was a Greek. It means that his parents were in a different belief system. He grew up in a home his mother believed in the one true God, and his father believed in many gods. It sounds like many people have the same experience even today.

Let’s take a moment and think about Timothy’s mother. If she lives today, she struggles with her husband, who doesn’t believe in God of the bible. She took herself and her kids to Sunday School and church services every Sunday even though her husband isn’t happy about it or while he is sleeping in for his day off. She prays every day for her husband will find Christ and his salvation. She reads the bible stories and prays with her kids before they go to bed, hoping that someday they will serve the Lord in mighty ways. She didn’t have any idea about someday her son Timothy will be ministering with Apostle Paul and Silas to change the people’s lives for Christ. Her faithfulness has paid off!

Paul found Timothy as a follower of Christ. Timothy was well-founded on faith and faithful to God, not like his father. His mother’s faith impacted his faith and life. It’s because his mother decided to stand on what she believed and was faithful to the one true God. It took one person to impact Timothy’s life and many others. She was the one that changed the next generation!

How about you? You might be the only one who believes in God in your workplace or friend circle. You might be the first believer in your family. Are you the one that God is using to impact the world around you?

If you are the one, it takes:

1. Faith

You are going to be tested from time to time. But God is with you. You are not fighting alone!

2. Commitment

You have to decide who you’ll serve and bow. The world will hate you because of the name of Jesus. But you’ll receive the crown of life when you choose to be faithful.

3. Courage

The bible tells you, “Do not be afraid,” 365 times. One for every day! Have courage and stand for what you know about God and what’s right!

Be blessed, saints!


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